Established in 2012, Bipolar Films produces Documentaries, TV Commercials and Branded content, Film production, Music video production, Corporate videos, Drama serials, and 2D & 3D animations.
We take pride in our ability to provide quick turnaround times on all assignments we undertake. Since we have all facilities and services in-house, we are able to deliver end to end solution within tight deadlines.
Bipolar Films offer a unique mix of creativity and experience. Our skills at film-making are complemented by our experience of delivering aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching content. Our team is made up of individuals with varied exposure and experience in the industry.

Bipolar Films is a place that understands and encourages the madness often necessary for the creative process. We are not afraid of pushing the boundaries of creative expression and thinking outside the box. We believe in letting go and expressing yourself without restraints. Here we value telling stories more than anything and if that sounds like you, we are just the kind of people to help you with yours.


Jawad Sharif

Founder & Director

Having founded the company as a platform for socially sensitive films, Jawad is an award-winning filmmaker known for his signature filming style, creative vision, and passion for free speech.

Adeel Malik

CEO & Producer

A design artist by training, Adeel is the brains behind aesthetic vision in most of the production projects.

Mohsin Reza Naqvi


The guardian of operations, his vision guides the team in every aspect of the project from conception and production to the debrief.

Haroon Riaz

Creative Head

The main concept developer and screenwriter who is responsible for assisting the team to explore their creative potential while delivering the best quality.

Asmat Bashir

Cinematographer & Editor

An experienced cinematographer of the industry, Asmat offers great intuition and sensitivity to visual storytelling.

Falak Mehmood

Field Producer

An experienced journalism filmmaking veteran, Falak manages productions seamlessly through his command on film production and community engagement.

Syed Raza

Cinematographer & Editor

A versatile professional with a keen eye for the nuances of photography, Syed Raza can deliver high-quality results with a mix of efficiency and aesthetics.

Marium Moin Siddiqui

Creative Manager

An emerging screenwriter and concept developer with experience in art design, Marium's energy becomes a source of inspiration for the rest of the team.

Hira Mirza

Business Development Manager


We'll do everything we can to make our next best project!